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Is Twitter Using the Fibonacci Sequence?

For those of you that don’t know the fibonacci sequence aka the golden sequence is a series of numbers 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144
When you visually draw out the sequence you get this:


Twitters new design takes this spiral into account since the use has shown a friendlier way to present information to the human eye. The fibonacci sequence as integral part of Twitter’s design that’s in use right now on it’s homepage and isn’t the first time that the sequence has been used, Facebook, flickr and many other companies use the sequence when designing user interfaces.

What twitter is doing is called rational spacing and applying the sequence to it. Space management can be the difference between awesome and failure, every inch of space is critical and space must be used for maximum potential. By using the Fibonacci sequence your eyes are focusing on the most important information first and then on.

How To Price Your Website Project

Mike Locke advice is great for new freelancer web developers on how to price your services and contracts. I can also add on these tips:

1. Set an hourly rate, like mine is $55 an hour
2. Set a base price for your project, for example $1200 for a complete site with 5 pages
3. Everything in negotiable
4. Make a default contact that you can easily edit per clients

Avoid These Common Mobile Commerce Mistakes

Mobile commerce is on the roll now that almost everyone has a smartphone or tablet device. It is hard to overlook this impressive marketing strategy which is one of the many reasons why some retailers tend to go overboard.

Mobiel Computing TipsIf you are a business owner or a retailer and would like to use mobile commerce to boost your revenue then take note of the following critical errors that you must avoid:

  1. An overcomplicated mobile website – you want to keep your visitors in as much as possible so that they can check out what you have to offer. Overcomplicating your site with moving items, sound, flashing elements and terrible colors will only strain your viewers. Remember that they are using a far smaller screen so you should plan on creating a simpler and straight to the point site instead.
  2. An agonizing customer experience – if you had trouble in logging in, inputting your information and going through security checks just to access your account from a small mobile device then you should understand that these also tick your customers off. Try to minimize these by asking only basic information from your customers and to ask them to save their logging information instead.
  3. Using QR codes – have you ever thought how huge businesses have quit using QR codes? It’s because it literally asks so much from consumers. Users need to get their mobile device, launch a QR reader app, take a decent photo of the code, submit the code and then wait. And no one wants to wait for anything that they just don’t know yet. So ditch the codes and just get down to straightforward marketing styles instead of using outdated technology that will only create a negative impression of your business.
  4. Overlooking mobile-friendly email marketing – do you know that more than 50% of emails are opened through a mobile device? Therefore if you use email marketing or email campaigns that are not yet equipped for mobile users than you should start making some changes. Consider your email marketing statistics and you can base your changes from here. Your messages should be clear, concise, efficient and practical especially for users that will be viewing them on a much smaller screen. You should never ignore the power of email marketing so do not overlook them.
  5. Inability to play media from a device – this happens when an element in your site is just incompatible in a small mobile screen. There may also be documents, video presentations and ads that will simply inappropriate for the device platform that the user has. Sites that run on Flash often encounter troubles with iOS users and also with PDF files on the same OS platforms. You should therefore do everything that you can to make up for these flaws. Remember that you want to keep your visitors engaged and not drive them away with your troubles. By taking note of these mistakes you will certainly be able to come up with a better and engaging site for your users.